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Facial Aesthetics in London

Refresh your looks, get compliments and look fabulous in 10 minutes with one of London’s best kept celebrity secrets at Ecladent.Dr Sam Smith BDS BSc now operates out of the Ecladent Clinic, based in North West London. Dr Sam is a senior instructor in advanced facial aesthetics and has passionately rejuvenated hundreds of London’ s most beautiful elite over the last fourteen years. She has pioneered and developed very gentle techniques which produce totally natural looking results. If you have found it uncomfortable in the past, or the result was not quite what you had hoped – come and see the best and feel the difference.Convenience and discretion is very important to our clients: Dr Sam treats many of London’s celebrities safe in the knowege that their identities will be kept in the strictest confidence. We offer free onsite parking and flexible appointment times including lunch times, early, late and weekend appointments.Ecladent is a beautiful interior-designed clinic for dental and facial aesthetics with the level of service and ambience that you would expect to find in a five star hotel. One of the unfortunate realities of aging involves the appearance of unsightly wrinkles. People no longer need to be content with letting Father Time have his way with their faces due to the advance of modern technology. While some remedies for wrinkles such as facelifts require expensive and invasive surgical interventions, there are some relatively inexpensive nonsurgical remedies.Botulinum toxin is an extract from from bacteria Clostridium botulinum known to be associated with botulism. This toxin will actually inhibit the contraction of muscle cells. It can be lethal in even small doses; however, scientists have been able to determine a safe concentration that can be used therapeutically in the body and used that knowledge to create the beautiful faces we see today.These injections have the effect of relaxing muscle cells in the general vicinity of the injection. They were originally approved for a type of muscle spasm around the eye (blepharospasm) and a neuromuscular disorder of the head and neck (cervical dystonia). Physicians rapidly understood that it could be a great weapon against wrinkles after the publication of paper in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1989. These injections are now the most common cosmetic procedure. The way the treatment works is to force facial muscles to completely relax, thereby preventing the development of wrinkles while making whatever wrinkles do exist stand out much less.

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I can’t thank Dan enough for his time and care. Having a tooth split 2 days before an African holiday, it was Easter weekend and Dan opened the practice just to remove the fractured tooth and make a temporary filling to allow me to enjoy my holiday…Read More »