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implantsEcladent is one of the leading providers of Dental Implants in North London. We are located in Mill Hill which is very close to the major motorways – plus we have free onsite parking; our clinic is very accessible to the majority of the UK population. Many patients also come to us via the train network to Mill Hill Broadway Thameslink station which is a 2 minutes skip from our clinic.

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From single implants to ALL-ON-FOUR implants to full mouth implants, we are proud to say at Ecladent that we have not yet had even one implant failure. However, implant surgeons are becoming increasingly cautious as more and more implant failures are being reported across the world. Cases of peri-implantitis are increasing at an alarming rate and dental implants are not the dream solution dentists once thought they were. Having dental implants is an important decision, come and speak to us for honest and balanced advice. We do still place a lot of implants but will also tell our patients if there is a better or more cost effective non-surgical solution.

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Dentists should no longer be telling patients that implants last for life and many specialists are advising a 15 year average life expectancy for implants. Having said this, we have many patients who have had their implants for over thirty years now and still going strong.

Dental implants are a very fashionable way of replacing a missing tooth. Your implantologist, (dentist that places implants) will place them straight into your jawbone imitating the root of the missing tooth.
They can also give support to crowns and dentures very similar to the support a natural root will provide.

Dental implants, more often than not are made from titanium with an internal screw called an abutemtent that holds the tooth in place. Once the abutement is fitted into the bone it grafts and grows around the screw holding the tooth in. There are various types of implants that differ in design, to which your implantologist will inform you and explain why he has made the recommendation for you.
One implant can support one or a few teeth, so it is not one implant per tooth, they are also used to support dentures so you do not loose your roots. Your implantologist will advise you on the best way forward.

The whole process of having implants will vary from patient to patient, your implantologist will explain all this to you and discuss the time frames as they can take 6-9 months.
Dental implants involve several stages, from placing the implant into your jaw and attaching the abutement which could be one or two appointments. The graft and fusion of the implant can take up to 6 weeks for the bone to take. During that time a denture is usually the best way forward. The final phase would be fitting your new artificial teeth onto your implanted roots.
There other issues to consider, if there is a problem with a tooth it may need extracting and an implant put in its place. If you don’t have enough bone for the implant, we can always provide a bone graft before the procedure starts.

Not everyone can have implants, smokers especially, as when you smoke you shrink the bone so even if a bone graft is completed that will not last if smoking continues. Anyone with gum disease such as periodontitis, if you are diabetic and do not have it under control would prevent implant success, and if for any reason you have had radiotherapy in your jaw.

We can also provide alternatives to implants from the “snap on” smile which sits on top of the teeth covering the gap, dentures that come in many forms from a standard hard acrylic denture to dentures of excellence which are moveable, so they form around the gum giving a better fit than hard acrylic. There are also bridges, as long as the teeth on either side are firmly in place and will not move in time. Implants and denture of excellence are not available on the NHS.

Once you have made a decision to have implants you will need full panoramic x-rays to see the amount of bone you have and if it is possible to place implants with a bone graft. If the implantologist needs more information you may need to have a CT scan which will show where the nerves are situated and the best place to put the implant.
Your implantologist and dentist will explain your procedure to you step by step, do not be afraid to ask any questions no matter how silly they may sound we want you to be completely relaxed and knowledgeable regarding your treatment, a plan will be put together explaining all this.

During the whole procedure you will be awake, it can be completed by just using a local anaesethic and if required a sedative to help you relax, we aim to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, which can take one to several hours dependant on how many implants you require.

The procedure is: give you the anaesethic and sedative if required, once these have taken effect there will be a slight incision made in the gum and small hole drilled into the jawbone to place the implant rod and abutement. The second part of the procedure is the rod will be under the gum whilst the bone heals, this cannot be seen by anyone but your dentist. A few months later the abutement will be attached. At a later date, or immediately depending on what the implantologist proposes your new tooth will be attached.
After the implant has been fitted you will need to rest and be careful what you eat and drink so you do not to burn your mouth.
Full instructions will be given especially a hygiene plan to take care of your implant and the rest of your teeth. This is all included in the initial treatment plan.

5 Year Guarantee: Most implant problems tend to happen in the first few years (excluding peri-implantitis). Make sure you do not have to pay should anything need to be refixed.

Free Parking: Implants are expensive enough and usually require several appointments, the cost and stress of parking is one thing it would be nice to do without.

Purpose built treatment room: A spacious surgery not only feels less claustrophobic but allows sufficient room for the sophisticated equipment and nursing required for implant procedures.Ecladent

There are now hundreds of companies making dental implants and the price can vary considerably. Many budget systems allow dentists to offer dental implants at incredibly cheap prices; however failures are starting to become commonplace with these systems. At Ecladent, we only place Branemark implants – the most scientifically documented implants system in the world with over 40 years of success.

How much do our implants cost?

Whilst some dentists can be quite vague about the prices of their implants; our implant prices are transparently fixed at £1650 per implant and £1200 per implant crown. Although budget implants from other dentists can be tempting, we spend a considerable amount of time sorting out the complications that these implants have caused.


The team at Ecladent offer the latest solutions for single or multiple missing teeth. We understand that having Dental Implants is a very personal, emotional journey. We pride ourselves in giving you all the information and latest options available in an understandable manner and in a professional, non pressured environment. We may also show you examples using 3D models and actual photos of patient cases. You will always receive a written treatment plan to adsorb in your own time.


Dr Giacomo Favero – Oral Surgeon giacomo

Professor Favero is one of the most highly regarded Oral Surgeon specialists in Europe and has published many articles in implant dentistry; including alveolar ridge preservation, immediate placement implants, maxillary sinus augmentation and immediate loading of implants. He gained his Implant masters degree in 2005 before furthering his studies in America at the prestigious New York College of Dentistry fellowship program and is a visiting professor at the University of Padua. He has now settled in London with his family where he runs our implant clinic.


“I was recommended to come and see Dan many years ago after my teeth started to become so loose that they just started falling out. After many years of smoking I had been left with virtually no bone to hold my teeth in. Daniel told me about a new technique where the loose teeth could be replaced with implants on the same day. I felt no pain whatsoever during the implant placement and had beautiful teeth placed on top of the implants the same appointment. That night I went to my favourite Italian restaurant and enjoyed my food for the first time in years as my teeth were no longer loose. Ten years on I haven’t managed to quit smoking but the implants are still as good as the day they were placed.”dentists

Jane had her implants placed and restored with us over ten years ago and was one of the first patients in the UK to have the pioneering ALL-ON-FOUR implant technique. Today many dentists have jumped on the bandwagon – we were one of the first and with our level of experience can provide an unrivalled service for strong and beautiful ALL-ON-FOUR bridges. If an implant fails it can cause severe complications like infections in the bone, perforations and jaw fractures. We would always recommend using the best surgeon and the best implant system if you are going to let someone screw an implant into your jaw bone. Cheaper implants have a much higher failure rate and are usually placed by regular dentists with very little training in implant techniques. If you are having someone placing an implant in your jaw – wouldn’t you want to have someone well trained. Prof Favero has placed thousands of implants and using his minimally surgical technique, can place implants quickly, painlessly and with a very high level of success.


The relaxing view from our dental chair

Dental Anxiety and Phobia Care

We take great care to ensure you feel comfortable with us. We take the time to listen to your questions and how you feel about seeing the dentist. We are accustomed to caring for patients who are very nervous and who have had negative experiences in the past. Dental implants have changed the lives of thousands of our patients.

Benefits of Implants include:

  • Chewing & Eating without difficulty
  • Smiling with Confidence in Social & Work Situations
  • Improved Speech
  • Emotional & Confidence Improvements
  • Improved Quality of Life

We know that it can be a difficult step for you, but please try not to feel embarrassed about your teeth. Patients come to us with missing teeth for many reasons. We promise never to have a judgmental approach and we want you to feel relaxed and completely comfortable knowing that we are here to help you. Common Patient conditions and concerns:

  • Smoking and loose teeth
  • Worrying about whether you will end up with dentures
  • Gum disease
  • Emotionally drained worrying about your loss of teeth?
  • Can’t laugh, eat, talk properly
  • Low self esteem?
  • Looking for removable denture alternatives or a permanent non-denture solution
  • Severely decayed teeth at the end of their useful life?
  • Been told they cannot have implants because of no jawbone
  • Frightened about seeing the dentist and the pain

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Clarity, Every Step of the Way

You will be actively involved in creating your new smile, every step of the way, before and during your course of treatment. After-all, we want you to be happy and confident knowing that we have answered all your questions and concerns and clarified exactly what can be done for you. All fees will provided clearly in writing so that you can consider them in your own time. You will also be offered if required, to 0% finance options to spread the cost of treatment.

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