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Lumineers, Mill Hill

Visit the only practice in the area offering painless, zero-preparation veneers (Pssst… Our owner has had them too!)

How would you like straighter, whiter teeth in under an hour, without the need for filing or drilling? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Not with Lumineers.

What are Lumineers

Lumineers are a modern upgrade of traditional veneers. They’re digitally designed to be ultra-thin – about the same thickness as contact lenses – and are highly translucent, giving them a more natural look and feel. Thanks to the design of Lumineers, they can be shaped and bonded seamlessly to your original teeth – providing they are healthy – meaning no need for any drilling or filing. Additionally, they’re removable and have been proven to last decades. At Ecladent we are proud to be the only dentist in the area offering this revolutionary treatment, and we’d like to invite you to join the 1 million others worldwide who are already experiencing the freedom and confidence Lumineers can offer.

Initial consultation and procedure

When you visit us for your initial consultation we will take impressions of your teeth before discussing the shape and shade we recommend for you. The impressions will then be sent to an authorised Lumineers lab, along with your records and some photographs we have taken, to be made into your new teeth. Approximately 2 weeks later you will be invited back to have your new smile fitted. Each tooth will be thoroughly checked by an experienced dentist before your teeth are moderately prepared for placement. Finally each tooth will be bonded 1 by 1. You will have your bite checked and overall look assessed before you’re free to leave and show off your new, perfect smile. Please note: Lumineers are suitable for use by those with misaligned, discoloured and crooked teeth. However they cannot be used by those with rotten teeth or gum disease. If you would like more information about Lumineers, or to book an appointment at Ecladent, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 020 8959 9392 or by sending an email to

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