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The relaxing view from our treatment room.
Welcome to our 24/7 emergency dentist service in NW London.
All our dentists are UK trained with a minimum of seven years treating nervous patients so you can rest assured that you are in very capable (and gentle) hands. We also have free parking right at the front door and due to our close proximity to the M1, A1, M25 and North Circular, we are pretty much within an hours drive of anywhere in London. We are also next to Mill Hill Broadway Thameslink Station and numerous bus stops on Mill Hill Broadway.
We provide 24 hour emergency dental care treatments and have a large team of emergency dentists in Barnet, for any emergency call our 24/7 number on: 07469-747200.

Q: How soon can I be seen?

A: We always strive to see emergencies immediately, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our practice has great road links, being in between the North Circular, the A1 and the M1. Where ever you are in London or the Home Counties, it is likely you can get your emergency treated within the hour, particularly if you are reading this at some crazy hour of the morning.


Q: How much will it cost?

A: Our pricing is refreshingly transparent and easy to understand. We charge £120 for an emergency call out examination or £39 if our dentist is already on site which is actually most of the time. Our main prices are as follows:

£9.50 X-ray:

£19 Antibiotics

£25 Temporary filling

£189 Tooth Extraction (minimum price and will vary depending on complexity)

£189 Temporary dressing (fixed price)

£189 Temporary crown (fixed price)

Although these are the main types of emergency treatments that patients require we also remedy many other dental problems from implant and cosmetic emergencies to sporting and partying-too-hard emergencies.

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Q: Is this done under the NHS?

A: No – but this is actually a good thing. There is usally very little difference in cost and allows us to provide better service using the best pain-free techniques; some of which are mentioned below.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: The days when dentistry was an uncomfortable experience should be long gone. The focus of our practice is on the gentle treatment of nervous patients and to help us exceed expectations  we use the following techniques:

Dual pressure anaesthetic technique.

Topical anaesthetic gel which can be applied next to the tooth.

Needle-free sedation.

Ergosoothe massage.

Minimum pressure extraction techniques.

Painless root canal treatment which is quick and effective.

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At Ecladent, We understand that in emergency dental needs whether it is a Root Canal Treatment, Dental Swelling, Broken Denture, Loose Crown and Toothache treatment, in that situation a patient needs immediate dental care and proper attention find cbd bu.

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