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Our experienced Invisalign Dentists to offer an unrivalled service for the provision of Invisalign treatments. Invisalign can produce amazing results if planned well which is why it is important to see an invisalign dentist for your consult rather than a nurse or a treatment coordinator. To book a free consult directly with either of our invisalign dentists, please call us on 0208-959-9392.

Invisalign can now be used for any age group from children to adults to the elderly to transform smiles. Optimally arranged teeth give people beautiful smiles and confidence. Such arrangement is also essential for better cleaning to keep the teeth, gums, mouth and the body healthy. Many situations in early life when the teeth erupt in the mouth can lead to disruptions (technically called malocclusions). These then can lead to suboptimal functional and aesthetic consequences. invisalign is the best solution for this.

Dr. Sam  BSc (Kings 1997), BDS (Kings 2000) GDC 78163giacomo

Sam is a senior instructor in advanced facial aesthetics and has trained many dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry. She is among the most highly regarded cosmetic dentists in the country and has extensive experience in adult orthodontics (straightening crooked teeth) and porcelain veneers. Her work has a strong emphasis on preventing dental problems and periodontal treatment; she also uses facial aesthetics in the correction of gummy smiles. Sam is keen on interior design, Cuban salsa and reformer pilates

Why Orthodontics

Orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment is aimed at creating harmony between how the teeth look and function. This field has been evolving for many years and now there are many systems ranging from fixed braces (metal, plastic or ceramic) glued to the surfaces of teeth to pioneering technologies like Invisalign to correct various types of malocclusions. This latter system uses nearly invisible series of tray like removable appliances (aligners) designed to fit over the teeth. The aligners apply gentle forces to guide the teeth to the desired position and are changed every 1-2 weeks for the duration of treatment.

The invention of such systems has massively widened the scope of orthodontic treatment provision to adults who for understandable reasons did not want fixed braces on their teeth during their working lives. Now everyone can have straight teeth to go with their beautiful smile to attain facial beauty of their dreams without anyone hardly noticing. And the cost of this treatment in most cases is comparable or less than the conventional, comprehensive orthodontic treatments.

The process of attaining the smile you have always wanted starts with a consultation with our dentist who has considerable experience in working with Invisalign system. Client’s chief concerns are discussed and different treatment options are presented. If the treatment is a go ahead, the dentist then takes photographs both of the face and teeth from different angles, takes teeth impressions and does smile assessments. These with client concerns and dentist prescription of agreed treatment goals are sent to Invisalign who then generate a digital treatment plan on their cutting edge software. Once virtually treated digital scans of client’s teeth are send back for inspection, the dentist and the client view this together on a computer screen and agree on the final outcome or request any further modifications if required at this stage.

Once approved, Invisalign then manufacture and ship the alignersto the dentist. The client is scheduled back for the fittingappointment. The dentist cheeks for the fit and performs any necessary adjunctive procedures to make sure the treatment starts and progresses in an optimum way.

A few benefits of Invisalign to conventional orthodontic treatmentare:

  • Nearly invisible so no interruption to career or social status
  • Removable so no restriction on types of food you can enjoy, sports you can play, or music you can sing; and ease of brushing and flossing to keep the mouth clean and healthy
  • Facilitation in decision making as you can see the treatment results virtually before you start
  • Shorter treatment duration in many cases because of the proprietary SmartForce technology
  • Further information and sources of support are provided on the process and different options available upon request.
  • Ecladent offers latest Invisalign for teeth straightening with clearly invisible braces in London, Finchley, Mill Hill andsurroundings. Complete dental care at affordable price.

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