With these clear aligners, you can embrace a more youthful look and promote the healthy placement of your teeth without all of the hassle of other teeth straightening procedures. This guide will cover how the cost is determined, how much you can expect to pay for Invisalign, and what makes it stand out from all of the other dental treatments that are available today.

How does our Invisalign treatment work?
Our dentists advise that consistently wearing the alignment trays is the key to a successful Invisalign. Also, you are required to put them on for 22 hours a day. After two weeks, change the set of trays by picking them from our offices. Additionally, we might give you aligners in advance for replacing instead of visiting us now and then. Depending on your orthodontic problem, we give you several aligners ranging from 12 to 30. Changing your invisible braces in sequence as our dentist will instruct, enables the teeth to shift gradually.

Our Invisalign procedure is appropriate for both adults and children. Therefore, visit our company to get the best services regarding your misaligned teeth. We have dentists with extensive knowledge in the line of orthodontics that will ensure you get top-grade treatment. Also, Invisalign at Ecladent offers advice on how to maintain the trays in a way that you will have good oral health. Notably, if you have any queries or you want instructions on booking your first appointment, reach out to our reliable Invisalign at Ecladent support team. We guarantee you quality straightening dental care when you come to our practice. Therefore, by having a consistent routine of our Invisalign process, you are sure to get an exceptional smile with no time. ​

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