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I can’t thank Dan enough for his time and care. Having a tooth split 2 days before a holiday, it was Easter weekend and Dan opened the practice just to remove the fractured tooth and make a temporary filling to allow me to enjoy my holiday. The service was much appreciated and certainly exceeded my expectations. Many Thanks!

Jill Rothwell (TV Presenter)

I have known Dan for the past three years and can vouch for the fact that he is very professional and truly dedicated to providing an excellent service. I have had disappointing experiences with dentists in the past but now I have complete confidence with Dan. I would recommend Dan as a very empathetic dentist (which previously I would have believed this to be impossible) and a true professional. I would recommend him to friends and family.

Ruth Spellman OBE (CEO, Investors in People)

Due to entirely my own fault I had managed to destroy a perfectly good set of teeth. The price of many years of poor diet, scruffy dental hygiene and smoking was bouts of severe toothache and a smile that guaranteed to frighten the grandchildren. My bad lifestyle habits are now some years in the past but obviously the damage to my teeth is not self-healing. Fortunately thanks to some good and efficient dental work the situation has been recovered to some extent. Regular visits to the hygienist has halted dental decay and some bridgework and whitening treatment has improved the appearance of my teeth beyond all recognition.

Michael Jepson (Company Director)

I have just had my bottom teeth whitened and I am going to have more work on my bridge and my upper teeth. I am very happy with the results so far. The attention to detail in everything is excellent, constant explanations of everything being done. All the staff have been extremely polite and efficient. Sam always made sure I was comfortable and always explained everything that she was going to do. She was always extremely polite which I found quite refreshing and greatly appreciated. I was thrilled with the work that Sam did on my teeth. It didn’t come cheap but was worth every penny.

Donald Macleary OBE (Repetiteur to the Royal Ballet)

I have been a patient of Dan’s since he took over the practice and he is the best dentist I have ever had. Being a middle-aged person my earliest experiences of dentistry was the school dentist who visited and filled all the children’s teeth without any form of pain relief. I have been afraid ever since until I became a patient of Dan’s. He takes time to explain exactly what is going to happen, how long it will take etc. Because my teeth and gums were not in the best of health I have had a number of procedures over the years all of which have been done to my complete satisfaction and without pain and dread. Everything about this practice has been transformed for the better since Dan arrived and I can honestly say that I now attend for check ups etc. in complete confidence that the experience will be a positive one.

Kevin McAuliffe (Manager)

From my first visit to Daniel Smith in his bright new Ecladent surgery in Mill Hill, which feels like a Harley Street practice,
I was quickly put at ease by Daniel’s confident explanation as to the treatment I needed
After about 3 years of neglect it was a relief to hear that my teeth were going to be put back in good order. I am pleased to recommend this forward looking and up-to-date practitioner.
Wishing both Daniel and his team together with my teeth, continued good health far into the future.

Lee Monty (MD, Rosemont Investments)

I was fearful about dental implants and had been putting this off for years but after some reassurance from Dr Daniel; I finally booked my implant appointment with Professor Favero  it was absolutely fantastic and was all completed in about twenty minutes. I can honestly say it was a happy experience done in the most friendly atmosphere. It was brilliant, who would have thought it that here I am at 69; having a dental implant which was pain-free and tip top!

Dr David English, CBE (Head Bunbury)

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to voice my opinion of this dental practice. I have had a fair amount of work done here and have nothing but praise for all the staff. The admin is extremely efficient and friendly and Dan Smith has been kindness itself when I was extremely nervous having two root canal treatments. Not only was he totally reassuring, but the treatment itself was painless. I could not quite believe it after having painful treatment elsewhere in the past. I can thoroughly recommend this practice.

Margaret Tetsell (Personal Assistant)

Since I met Daniel, my experience of the dentist has been a much more pleasant one. He gave me bridges to replace my old outdated dentures and has made me feel more confident and happy with my smile and my perception of dentistry. Twelve years later, the bridges look Anscoomb feel as good as the day they’ve were made.

S Flack (Clerical Coordinator)

I found all the members of staff very pleasant; my treatment was done with lots of care. Daniel is the man, bless him; he has given me back my confidence and I love him to bits for that. A superb level of care and attention. Thank you and bless you all.

Susan Carrigan (Chef)

I have been really pleased with the improvement in my dental treatment in the last 6months, I have waited years to feel this confident in my dentist. The bridges and crowns have been excellent quality and not a moments trouble. I would (and have) recommended this practice to friends and colleagues.

Linda Wood (Receptionist)

I have been a patient at the practice for 2 years and I have always found the staff to be very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend Daniel Smith, his staff and practice.

Sean Pearce (Accountant)

Dan Smith has been looking after my teeth since he came to Hertford. He is an excellent dentist who is very professional and attentive. All the staff are extremely polite and helpful and I am very happy with my treatment at Dental Health Care.

John Brewster (Hair Dresser)

I have been a patient of  Dan’s for nearly twenty years now and can not recommend him highly enough. When he took me on as a patient to say I was nervous was an understatement. I had some painful experiences in the past but he took the time to explain all of the treatment needed and I can honestly say I have felt no pain since. Myself and my son actually look forward to seeing the dentist.

Emma Samuels (A very nervous patient)

Many years ago I was treated by a Hygienist, I am now in my “twilight years”, when Mr. D. Smith suggested I needed to be seen by a Hygienist I quickly said “no thank you!” when I explained the reasons he gave me confidence and I came, not feeling terrified, I relaxed. No problems. The hygienist was so gentle and kind.

Mavis. J. Davies (Retired)

Many thanks for all the work you carried out on my teeth over the past 6 months, this included fillings, crowns and root canal treatment. All of which was dealt with in a very caring and professional way. I would recommended you and Dental Health Care practice to anyone wishing to ensure the future health of their teeth. I would like to wish you and your staff the very best and that Dental Health Care continues to go from strength to strength.

Ian Hammond (Director)

Having just completed six months of treatment, I can honestly say that I have never once felt any apprehension before my appointments and have felt totally relaxed during the treatments. Everything has been explained and there has been virtually no discomfort. Thank you for playing my kind if music too! A sincere thank you to Sam and her team.

Jenny Vivian

I was given the opportunity to have a smile make over by Dr Sam Smith at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London. It was a long procedure but under the guidance of top cosmetic Dentists from America, Sam prepared my ten crowns with great care, dexterity and professionalism. I attended two sessions each taking over four hours in the dental chair. Firstly the preparation then back to following week to have the crowns fitted. At each session Sam gave me the utmost care and consideration throughout. In conclusion, Sam has a great talent for Cosmetic Dentistry which she carried out with care and understanding of her patient. She also takes great pride in her work. So instead of my aged discoloured ‘upper set’ I can now smile with confidence.

Jill Cropp

It was in January 2007 during a routine visit to Eva Milburn, the Hygienist at Dental Health Care, Hertford, that she suggested that I enquire about having a ‘smile makeover’ for my somewhat crooked teeth. Until then, I had managed good dental hygiene and consequently had few cavities over my 62 years of life. But, the teeth were uneven, did not result in a pleasant smile and my upper jaw did protrude.Several visits to cosmetic dentist Dr Sam/Afsaneh Smith gave me an insight as to what could be achieved and how, and how much it might cost. Sam’s dental knowledge is boundless, and she never lost patience with my endless questioning (and writing down of answers!) about the possibilities. I searched the internet for information about veneers v. Lumineers and compared costs in the UK with those in Poland and Hungary. All possibilities were explored and procedures explained with care and professional accuracy. I had to consider the costs of this work carefully. It is not cheap or to be entered into lightly. The ‘doctor knows best’ attitude of years gone by was nowhere in evidence, and as a consequence, I developed total trust in Sam’s professional competence – and came o like her as a kind and warm person too.7 visits later Sam was doing a wax-up for installation of veneers for 12 of my upper teeth. This was done over three separate dates in December. That was the first time in my life that I hugged a Dentist! I have been smiling ever since.

Marion Oliver

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